Current situation in the company TROX KS Filter a.s.

Our production is running at 100% without any limitations

Coronavirus – COVID 19

Dear business partners, customers, Coronavirus – COVID 19 has more or less affected the whole world and it raises certain concerns in regard to its possible impact on our business within TROX company.


Change of the company name

Dear business partners, Please allow me to inform you about changes in our company planned to take place in mid-August.


Company found new ownership

Dear business partners, with pleasure we would like to inform you that on 1 June 2019 our company found new ownership. The TROX GmbH company became the new 100 % shareholder.


We have become a member of Eurovent

Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies


The 18th International trade fair

We kindly invite you to AQUATHERM NITRA 2016 – the 18th International trade fair for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, measuring, regulation, sanitary and environmental technology, which will take place in the period of 9–12 February 2016.


Production and shipping of the Christmas holidays

Our company provides its customers manufacturing and shipping goods ordered in December 23, 2015.


Special Seminar on the Usage of Filters with Active Coal Took Place

The first ever special seminar on the topic “Usage of Filters with Active Coal for Removing Organic Compounds from Waste Air” took place in the educational centre of our company KS Klima-Service, a.s. on 28 May 2013.


New issue of the FILTREND magazine

We are happy to introduce the second issue of our company expert magazine FILTREND. The main topic of this issue is “Removing odors and harmful gases from the air”.


Filtration inserts for industrial filtration

Wide range of high-quality filters for implementation in various industrial fields: powder painting, plasma/laser cutting, sanding, metal/aluminum, wood, chemistry, concrete, textile, catering & drinks, etc. …



Removal of sulfane (H2S) from biogas; technology developed in cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague. The cleaning is carried out in an adsorption apparatus with a fixed bed through which biogas is flowing.


New Product Catalogue

Dear customers, we would like to present to you a new survey catalogue focused on the types of filters for paint shops and spraying booths. Should you be interested, feel free to ask for the catalogue.


KS BD BIG filter units

They offer a very operative solution of the separation of harmful gaseous pollutants from the inlet or waste air in case of high concentrations of pollutants and flow rates.


Frame filter KS PR NEW

Metal separators through which the medium is inserted are installed in a rigid zinc-coated frame. On the air outlet side, there is a wire grid preventing the medium release and ensuring a high operating safety of the filter. more


Inspection Audit of Certified IMS

Within the framework of the continuous improvement of the quality of services provided to our clients, on 14 - 15 February 2008, our company successfully underwent the two-day inspection audit of the certified Integrated Management System including the areas of quality assurance and environmental protection.


New products

KS-W Frame Filter with Plastic Frame, New Construction of MPP Filter, Pocket filter KS PAK 85 F7