Details for loading

Filter media


Natural latex fibre

Synthetic fibre

Glass fibre

Recycled paper

Filters for ventilating and air-conditioning

Pocket filter - Synthetic fibre

Pocket filter - Glass fibre

Pocket filters - special design

Frame filters

Frame filters "Z-LINE"

Frame filters - metal elements, filters for high temperatures

Surface frame filters for FANCOIL

Frame filters with folded filter medium

Compact filter elements

Filters and components for high demand on cleanness (HEPA, ULPA filtry)

Absolute filters for micro-particles

Components for clean areas

Adsorption filters for separating gaseous harmful substances and odours

Adsorption filters with active carbon

Special filter equipment and accessory equipment

Filters into tubes

Accessories - storage frames

Desulfurizing unit SULOFF

Special filter units with multilevel filtration