Current situation in the company TROX KS Filter a.s.

Our production is running at 100% without any limitations

Currently, we are still working in a standard mode with an aim to prevent to the maximum extent the possibility of spreading the contagion in our company.

  • Our production is running at 100% without any limitations
  • We have divided the key roles (SALE, OFFERS, PLANNING)—some of them are working from home and others in another section of the building
  • All trading personnel have set up home offices—they are in contact daily through web conferences
  • Disinfection of all premises of the company is conducted continuously
  • We regularly evaluate the situation with our suppliers; we have increased the volume of our orders from our key media suppliers to be able to meet the growing demand
  • We regularly inform our employees on current developments in the company
  • We have started sewing protective masks for our employees and their family members
  • We have arranged regular supply of fruit for our employees twice a week
  • We have set up a different regime in the canteen in order to eliminate contact of multiple persons
  • We have introduced a new scheme for the flow of documents in the company in order to prevent contact of multiple persons
  • We use our website to inform our customers and suppliers on current situation in our company