Coronavirus – COVID 19

Dear business partners, customers, Coronavirus – COVID 19 has more or less affected the whole world and it raises certain concerns in regard to its possible impact on our business within TROX company.

We are dealing with this issue in the best possible way, and we want to keep you updated on the state of measures taken under the Government and WHO regulations that are directly related to the delivery and operation of our company, TROX KS Filter a.s.

At present, our company has not limited its operation and it is able to meet all customers’ requirements in all processes:

  • Receipt of orders and inquiries.
  • Production remains in operation.
  • Both receipt and shipping of goods remain in operation.
  • Technical support is ensured.

In order to meet all your requirements, we have taken the following measures:

Internal and external communication:

Methods of communication without direct contact are used

  • Web meetings
  • Telephone calls / conference calls
  • E-mails

Business trips and visits

All international business trips have been suspended until further notice.

Business trips within our country are permitted on a case-by-case basis only when necessary.

Entry to the company premises for third parties (carriers, Czech Post, etc.) is allowed only in a protective mask and gloves and for the necessary period of time only.

At the same time, we follow the principles of recommended hygiene measures and health protection of all employees in the company.

We monitor the situation every day in order to be able to inform you about the changes.

Thank you for respecting the measures that we have adopted.